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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thor is based on a Marvel Comic. I’m quite surprised, actually. I mean, the Norse God of Thunder doesn’t exactly strike me as being in the same league as Spiderman and Batman. But, that aside, this article is actually on the movie.

The movie’s not bad. But I’m not sure it’s worth the $7.50 or so that Golden Village charges. My motto is that action films are the only films that have to be watched in the cinema, and films of any other genres can be rented for wayy cheaper without viewers losing any enjoyment. Of course, people who watch horror may beg to differ, since they want to piss in their pants during the show and all… But I’m too chicken to watch horror, so that genre doesn’t exist to me. Anyway, I expected Thor to be an action movie, so to me, it was a must-watch-on-big-screen movie. But… honestly? It wasn’t. Not really.

The show was enjoyable, don’t get me wrong. But it was more hilarious than fingers-gripping-my-brother thrilling. (Yes, I grip my brother when movies get too intense. He’s 5 years younger, by the way.) Some of the humour is loud and in your face; some of it is slightly more subtle. But most of it is slapstick or akin to it. So if you’re looking for wit, this isn’t it. However, you’ll still get plenty of laughs in the first half. Trust me on this. I haven’t heard the whole audience laugh so energetically in some time. Even Meet the Parents: Little Fockers got softer laughter.

Hilarity aside, the plot is nothing great. It’s predictable. Most shows are. But the thing about this movie is that it’s predictable and it isn’t very exciting, which is quite a disastrous formula. (There are shows that can be predictable and yet force adrenalin through your veins.) The TV series Criminal Minds makes my hair stand (literally; it cracks my mum up every time) and makes me bimbotically “oh my gosh” my way through each episode. Thor just had me wondering when it was going to end. Source Code was much more gripping.

Don’t expect realistic characters either. I suppose this isn’t really unexpected since comic characters are usually quite undeveloped. In fact, I found all the protagonists really boring. The most interesting character was Loki, Thor’s younger brother, the so-called ‘bad guy’ in the show. I quite like him because he isn’t the stereotypical evil bad guy. He just has some issues with his dad and brother, and his view of the situation was a little skewed. He didn’t actually have evil intentions. The attempt to develop Thor’s character fell short, sadly. Characters don’t change overnight, and they definitely don’t change in minutes, as Thor sort of does. Of course, movies have a time limit, so character development is hard to incorporate, but I think it could still have been done better.

I’m no expert on fight choreography since I have terrible visual tracking. Fight scenes are lost on me, for the most part. But it didn’t seem very spectacular. Definitely can’t compare with Lord of the Rings or Matrix. You’ll just have to watch it yourself if you want a proper judgment on the choreography. But, fight scenes aside, I think the romance was totally uncalled for. If there’s one thing I really hate about Hollywood movies, it’s the romance in every show. The romance in Source Code was disappointing, but it wasn’t over-the-top, so I didn’t really mind. The attempt at romance in Thor, however, is downright unrealistic. I can understand the heroine’s attraction to Thor. After all, he’s machismo personified—muscular, slightly scruffy, heroic, able to fight, confident, yada yada. But his attraction to her? I mean, unless he really likes girls that knock him down repeatedly with their cars, I don’t get it. Whatever it is, there’s only lust between the two, as proved by the blown-up screen kiss. So the attempt at portraying something more towards the end of the show kinda fell flat on its face.

I’m aware that most of this has been criticism so far, but I have to say, the movie was quite disappointing. The only redeeming factors were the guaranteed laughter and one particular scene that girls with eyes will squeal over (but even the latter is in the trailer). So if you’re dying for an action flick, don’t watch this. If you’re a sci-fi geek (like me), watch Source Code instead. Trust me, the science is a lot more developed in that one. Thor is more magic than science. And if you’re really into mythology, prepare to be disappointed, cos that doesn’t feature very much in Thor either. You’re only guaranteed NO DISAPPOINTMENT AT ALL if you’re a humour genre buff.

Wait, wait. I take that back! I’m not a humour genre buff so I don’t know what your standards are. You’re only guaranteed a lack of disappointment if you don’t mind not laughing in the second half!

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