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Beware! Coffee is ADDICTIVE!
Monday, May 9, 2011

Remember that chapel a couple of weeks ago? The one on gaming addiction? The one with the speaker who once thought water wasn’t essential for survival and lived on coke and coffee? Within a few days, I discovered how true his words were…

*dream bubble appears, accompanied by dream bubble music*

One day, Randomosity decided to check out the new Clementi Mall. The Bread Talk there happened to sell… coffee! Now, the last time Randomosity tried coffee, she didn’t really like it, although she LOVED coffee sweets and had been told by her mother that she would eventually like coffee too. So she was weary of trying coffee again. However, for the past few days, she had been eyeing MacDonald’s Caramel Macchiato, which cost a whopping FIVE bucks, a lot of money to spend considering she wasn’t sure she liked coffee. Really, the only word attracting her was the word CARAMEL. She’s a sucker for sweet stuff. (And mushrooms. MUSHROOMS!!!)

Imagine her excitement when she saw the price of the caramel coffee in Bread Talk… 90 cents! Of course, she bought it. Where would this story be if she hadn’t? Her rationale was that 90 cents wasn’t too much money to waste if she decided she didn’t like the coffee and threw it away. So she bought it, tried it hesitantly and… the rest was history. Randomosity was officially in love with Clementi Mall Bread Talk’s Caramel Coffee. CMBTCC for short. A rather unpronounceable name, but not impossible to pronounce. (Try it!)

The author of this little tale would like to conclude by saying that Randomosity wedded her soul drink and enjoyed it for the rest of her life, but this is not the case. Whether fortunately or unfortunately, you be the judge…

Scenario #1: Randomosity drinks coffee again the next day, and the next, and next… and one day, she realizes she CANNOT STOP. By now, the side-effects of coffee are IRREVERSIBLE. Randomosity can NO LONGER sing! Gone is the soprano voice that is her pride and joy, and in its place… no, not an alto. A toad. *screech of horror* Randomosity tries to stop. She pinches her nose whenever the enticing aroma of coffee wafts past her. She closes her eyes when she sees the milky chocolate-coloured liquid swirl seductively. She even pinches her lips to keep the salivation hidden! (Safe to say, she gets a lot of weird looks.) But, nothing works. Instead, she is plagued by headaches. And when she gets these headaches, the only thing she can think about is coffee. She is being haunted by her former lover!

Scenario #2: Randomosity realizes that her inability to stop thinking about CMBTCC for three days is a bad sign. It is a sign of addiction. She gets help. She enlists the help of her discipline (and her laziness) to stop her taking a detour to Clementi Mall on the way home from school. Long story short, she lives a life of purity and does not indulge in the sinful delight of coffee more than once a month.

*dream bubble shrinks, accompanied by dream bubble music*

True story. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the dramatized version of my experience with CMBTCC. *dramatic music*

But it is not the end of my tale! I sipped some of my aunt’s coffee yesterday, didn’t really like it because it wasn’t sweet enough, dreamt about Milo all night long, and thought about CMBTCC moments after I woke up! (Hence, this post.) CMBTCC has me in its snare… And that just goes to prove that if I start drinking coffee regularly, I will become like one of those heroin addicts. Not a pretty picture.

Away, AWAY, coffee demon!

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