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The Golden Law: Monkey See, Monkey Do
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At its most basic, the Golden Rule states: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. There is, apparently, a huge debate about whether this should be the Golden Rule. After all, as Thomas W. Cathcart said, “A sadist is a masochist who follows the Golden Rule.” Gotta love that quote. Anyway, I’m not here to expound on the pros and cons of leaving this Golden Rule… golden. I would like to propose… a Golden Law!

And here it is: Monkey see, monkey do. I know, I know, ‘law’ and ‘rule’ are technically synonyms. Which may, at first glance, make my choice of the word ‘Law’ inappropriate, since I’m not proposing that everyone follow the maxim of money see, monkey do. BUT I’ve observed that in science, the word ‘law’ is used to refer to observations of phenomena rather than as a rule that we follow. Thus, my Golden Law is actually more of an observation/ phenomena than a maxim like its close cousin, the Golden Rule. (All this talk of golden-ness is blinding me, but I shall press on…)

Now, I’m willing to bet you my last dollar (which you’d have to wait quite long to get since I’m not about to go broke in this lifetime) that if your mum had worn her left shoe on her right foot and vice versa, you’d be doing the same. At least, until you realize why it’s so darn uncomfortable. Of course, I shan’t actually be betting you anything because a) betting is BAD, and b) it’s kind of impossible to wind back time to check this, contrary to popular science fiction.

Maybe you’re thinking But, but, but… we’re HUMANS! Your wording’s all wrong! Well, you obviously forgot to think about the evolutionists. Who very staunchly propose that we used to be a whole lot furrier, and that we had glorious tails. Besides, my Golden Law would be as unmemorable as the Golden Rule if I paid heed to such inconsequential details. ;)

Moving on… I’ve always thought that one perfect example of my Golden Law is the difference between the way guys and girls sit. Girls cross their legs because they’ve been taught to do so, while guys just imitate their fellow monkeys and sit with their legs wide open. My brother claims that he and his fellow Martians do this for practical reasons, but I personally think they should stop taking etiquette lessons from de-iced Neanderthals.

I could add a whole lot more examples to this post to prove my point—that all humans are monkeys and that monkey see, monkey do—but that would just make this post unnecessarily
lengthy. Especially when I’m sure you could exercise your own memory to prove my point.


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