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The Great SGC Fiasco
Monday, July 4, 2011

Another post in all its JC-resplendent glory! I actually followed the guidelines my school provided me with when I wrote this mock-SGC. xD

In lieu of the great SGC fiasco that had everyone scrambling to submit their write-ups last minute—I had FOUR people ask me to help them submit their write-ups via my school account because all the working computers were being used—I’ve decided to share mine. So here goes:


Randomosity is a persuasive speaker. She has managed to convince several random (no pun intended) passers-by that she is, in fact, a werewolf. She accomplishes this mainly through her linguistic prowess but sometimes employs the power of charades as well.

Randomosity is a hardworking student. Through her sheer determination and willpower, she has managed to obtain the Book Prize Award for Top Daydreamer. In addition, she has done consistently well in H3 Blogging and H2 Maniacal Laughter. She is also consistently well-prepared for lessons, with chocolates, sweets and non-caffeinated drinks filling her bag to ensure she keeps awake.

Randomosity is highly intellectual. Her thesis on The Toilet Phenomenon has won awards like Flushiest Thesis of the Year in highly acclaimed academic circles such as Washroom Philosophy. She reads widely to improve herself outside of her academics and has read, among other books, The Dummy’s Guide to Growing Wings.

Randomosity is generous with everyone she knows, enemies, frenemies and random-people-off-the-street alike. She has, on occasion, lent her EZ-Link card to stray cats so they don’t have to walk so far, but has a particular penchant for passing around tissues in cold classrooms.

Randomosity is both a team player and a leader. During a recycling project, she delegated work as well as took on the responsibility of shattering glass for recycling, because no one could reach the required frequency. She has also worked well with her imaginary friends to draw up comprehensive plans for the scaling of the world’s most tired mountain, Mount Neverest.


The Anti-Drug Establishment
Randomosity was a member of the Anti-Drug Establishment from 2010 to 2011. As part of her duty, she stole prescription pills from around the school after the club unanimously decided that between drugs and theft, theft was the lesser evil. In addition, she held the post of Laughter Administrator, a post she helped create, for the two years, telling lame jokes in her informal role as doctor because laughter is the best medicine.

Community Service
In 2011, Randomosity, together with her pet dragon and elfin best friend, put up Harry Potter posters around the nation to ensure that no blur soul missed the final installment of the epic magic series. She also brewed coffee for the Society of Insomniacs the previous year, after discovering a new species of coffee bean that has, in fact, drowsy effects.

Disclaimer: All of the above is fictional and meant purely for entertainment. The writer does not condone theft in any form and declines to comment on choosing lesser evils. Over and out.

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